Walking into Halcyon Bike Shop in 12 South feels more like walking into a motorcycle collector’s home. The save, placed in former residential assets, is stocked ground to ceiling with bicycles, helmets and related accessories.

Led via brother-and-sister duo Andrew and Stephanie Parker, the new and used bike save opened in October 2008 on the corner of Twelfth Avenue South and the shop’s namesake, Halcyon Avenue.

“When clients walk in, they’re standing in what was a two-car garage,” Andrew stated. “We simply attempt to make the most of our area. There’s something anywhere you look.”

Andrew said commencing a store for the duration of the Great Recession presented its set of challenges, but the group overcame them by way of making use of recycled substances to complete building out the space.

On the repair facet of the shop, Halcyon employs four mechanics every day to restore custom bikes and provider upkeep. Stephanie, the shop’s head mechanic, oversees Halcyon’s carrier branch and ground sales.

“We’re a small shop, so we all kind of put on quite a few hats,” Stephanie stated. “It feels appropriate to assist people who rely upon their motorbike each day to get around the town.”

Andrew stated the store’s community inclusivity stems returned to pre-shop days while he teetered between offering nonprofit and for-income services. Andrew stated he includes low-value or unfastened services such as $three recycled parts and an outdoor device bench wherein consumers can restore their very own motorcycle.

“I nonetheless wanted the shop to be a genuinely inclusive space for the community,” Andrew stated. “It’s not just an area to shop for a bike.”

Andrew said the shop serves most clients throughout the spring and summer months. However, he said he is excited to peer the variety of wintry weather cyclists boom each year.

“I like the technical facet of the enterprise, but there’s nothing I like extra than meeting the those who stroll thru our doors,” he said.

As anyone who has done much cycling will know bike repairs are par for the course no matter what type of biking you are into. Running to the local bike shop for every minor repair can be annoying and not to mention very costly.

If you have any interest in doing your own bicycle repairs there is one main tool that is highly recommended to get… a bike repair stand.

Some people have used their creativity skills and attempted to make a functioning home-made stand. However I have rarely seen a home-made stand that really functioned as it should. If you can spring for a few bucks you can get a good quality, stable and easy to use bike repair stand that will benefit you in numerous ways.

Once you do invest in one you will never look back. Below are the top 5 reasons to use a proper repair stand for all your bicycle maintenance including cleaning your bike.

You Will Save a Lot of Money

Most home mechanic repair stands are not very expensive. Even the really good quality ones such as the Park Tool PCS-10 comes at a very affordable price. If you are used to taking your bike to the local bike shop for all your repairs you will be pleasantly surprised by how much money you will save by doing your own minor repairs.

Many minor repairs can be easily learned by any person who takes an interest. After a couple of do-it-yourself repairs your new repair stand will have paid for itself.

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