James Lin, graduate student in agronomy, has a dream to open a motorcycle repair save on campus for the Kansas State community, and he has created a petition to try to make it happen.
According to Lin’s concept, the shop could be a stroll-in provider for absolutely everyone desiring simple repairs and protection for his or her motorcycles. Anyone who’s in desire of beginning the motorcycle restore keep on campus can sign Lin’s petition on Change.Org.
“My passion for low emission transportation, motorbike safety and pace spurred the merchandising for the store,” Lin stated.
Lin introduced that having a bike restore store on campus is not a brand new concept for other universities, and it could be a necessity that K-State is missing.
“Many universities and faculties around the sector provide a restore shop to promote a bike-pleasant environment,” Lin stated. “These shops offer motorbike repairs, preservation training, safety education and beneficial instructions to students without spending a dime or at an inexpensive cost.”
With a shop like this, Lin stated K-State should promote a motorcycle-friendly surroundings as well as a price-pleasant technique for college kids and team of workers. Although the proposed shop is targeting college students and staff with their own bikes, weekly rentable motorcycles are in attention.

Lin said having a motorbike keep placed on campus will give the network an opportunity to get bike assistance while not having to exit in their manner. The most prolific bike restore save in Manhattan, The Pathfinder, is positioned downtown on Poyntz Avenue, far away from campus and most scholar houses.


“Ideally, the store could be placed in or around the Student Union where it’s miles critical to all students,” Lin said. “Other viable locations can be considered.”
Abby Woltering, freshman in laptop science, stated she concurs with the proposed location of the shop.
“Having a motorcycle save positioned on campus could be tremendous useful for all the students that don’t have automobiles to get entry to other stores,” Woltering said. “If the shop become placed close to the middle of campus, just like the Union, that would pressure up income and make it greater acknowledged to the public as well.”
Liam O’Malley, freshman in commercial enterprise management, stated he thinks the proposed save must provide greater than just upkeep.
“Other than upkeep, I think the shop ought to promote motorbike add-ons and other such things as that,” O’Malley said. “They may want to get numerous business that way.”
Lin said he has executed huge research on the blessings and impacts that a motorcycle restore store has at the environmental, monetary and social elements of a network in hopes to one day show the significance of establishing one on K-State’s campus.
“The sustainability effort of the bike repair save is one that will maintain to conform, encourage creativity and emphasize the importance of collaboration through the college and the community,” Lin said.

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