Battery care, motor protection and software updates might be new to cyclists. However there’s nothing complex approximately preserving an e-bike in any respect

Remember Monty Python’s Bicycle Repair Man setting all those caped, muscular superheroes to disgrace along with his deft spanner work? Well, stand aside, there’s a brand new youngster in town – E-motorcycle Repairer, armed with cleaning fluid, lubricant, equipment, a gentle material, puncture repair kit, pump – and a CycleCare bundle with Halfords.

“There’s now not much difference among an e-motorcycle and a standard mechanical bike about protection,” says Halfords’ e-bike project manager Darren Smith.

“They are pretty much like for like. Battery care is the principle distinction. All our shops have educated technicians, so if you may do it your self, you may drop into Halfords.”

Maintaining the suitable tyre pressure will make a huge distinction to how tons strength – electric and human – you’ll want to burn up to your experience.

While appropriate tyre stress will expand your range, low tyre strain can make the e-motorbike feel gradual, and it no longer most effective makes your tyres age quickly, however it method you’re greater liable to getting a puncture.

First make sure the battery and motor are switched off, then begin by using degreasing the drivetrain. This stops dust and oil from spreading to the rest of the motorcycle.

Because disc brakes can fade while soaked with soapy water, always use a disc brake cleanser. Don’t dampen your e-motorbike with a jet wash – it’s now not a muddy Labrador, in any case.

High-pressure sprays can take away grease and pressure water and dirt into the internals. Do a mild hand-wash the usage of bicycle-particular cleaners. Once the e-motorcycle is dry, deliver it a showroom end polish.

Your motorbike chain will last longer and squeak less while nicely lubricated. Use a ‘moist lube’ in iciness and ‘dry lube’ in the spring and summer season.

Give it an amazing easy first – if you add lubricant to a grimy, oily chain you’ll grow to be developing an unpleasant grinding paste. Make certain no lubricant unearths its manner to the brakes – it can render them useless, that’s something you don’t need to find out while it’s too late.
The battery

The main factor is, in the course of the iciness, don’t keep it inside the shed,” says Halfords’ Mr Smith. “The cold impacts the battery lifestyles, so you should maintain it inside the residence.

“Just take the battery off and leave it internal at room temperature, and out of daylight, over the wintry weather in case you’re now not going to apply it.” You shouldn’t leave it uncharged for any period, either. Most e-bike batteries have lithium cells, so it’s quality to hold them topped up.
The battery warranty

Halfords offers spare and alternative batteries on all its e-motorcycles, and also you’ll locate skilled e-motorcycle technicians inside all of its 450 shops round the UK – many are also Bosch authorised.

As it’s miles, all batteries on Halfords’ variety of e-motorcycles include a full -12 months / 500 price assurance, and there’s a complete two-year warranty on all digital additives, too, and co-workers in keep can order any spare or replacement components for any of Halfords’ e-motorcycles.


An every year provider is usually recommended for frequent customers – and Halfords offers three stages of servicing – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The £25 Bronze carrier exams and corrects the gears, lubricate the drivetrain and adjusts and aligns the brakes.

The £70 Silver service involves replacing (and lubricating) all internal and outer brake and equipment cables, lubricating the drivetrain, proper the front and rear wheels (while checking for damage), hydraulic brake protection and usual servicing and regreasing of electrical connections.

The Gold service, from £a hundred, is your committed motorcycle butler, presenting all the benefits of the Silver provider plus removal and regreasing of the headset, removal of the drivetrain and backside bracket for re-greasing and refitting, in addition to servicing the hubs. Even better, any substitute elements are outfitted unfastened.
Cycle care

If bicycle restore paintings aren’t your selected superpower, then consider signing up for one among Halfords’ Electric Leisure and Electric Performance Cycle Care opportunities, imparting among one and three years of trouble-loose using.

The three-yr leisure package deal charges £100 (£45 for 365 days) and includes unlimited internal tube alternative, brake and equipment adjusts, free becoming on all components and add-ons, and 10 in line with cent off components for the lifestyles of the plan, such as inner tubes, chains, and cassettes.

You’ll additionally get a Bronze provider at six weeks, and an annual e-bike Silver carrier for the lifestyles of the plan.
Motor protection

The automobiles tend to appear after themselves, and also you without a doubt don’t need to take them apart yourself, though what you could do is maintain the motor housing easy and maintain an eye out for any put on and tear. If you feel something’s now not pretty right, absorb into your nearby Halfords for a free motorbike check.
Bike controller

The small controller in the centre of your handlebars governs how tons help you get from the battery and motor.

They are essentially minicomputer systems, and some have additional functions which include performance dimension. It’s well worth maintaining an eye fixed out for messages telling you to plug in and replace the controller software program.
The Muc-Off

Halfords sells an 8-in-1 Muc-Off Bike Cleaning Kit for around £36. Ninety-nine, which contains all of the motorcycle-cleaning essentials you’ll want, along with a NanoTech Cleaner that cuts through grime in the blink of an eye fixed, in addition to 4 kinds of brushes, a motorbike spray for post-wash safety in opposition to rust and corrosion and a sponge.

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