The Early Days

Right off the bat, Ty unfolded approximately what he first learned about bikes from co-founder, CEO, and president Mike Radenbaugh as Mike started electrifying traditional motorcycles with custom-constructed retrofit kits returned in 2007. The generation turned into interesting, he loved the consequences and his clients have been pleased, however, “it was plenty more time consuming, it wasn’t very repeatable, and it wasn’t scalable,” Ty said.

Mike retrofitting motorcycles for clients one by one was a laugh and confirmed promise, but the path forward became not clean at the time. A few years later, the underpinning generation had advanced drastically and in 2014, Mike and Ty, who had been pals considering preschool, determined that they have been each eager and equipped to discover the possibilities of bikes full time with Mike spearheading layout and Ty leading marketing. Ty recalled Mike announcing that, “If we’re ever going to try this for actual, now is the time,” and that they began operating out the info to permit them to simply spin up the enterprise they have been dreaming about for years. They combined forces and in the long run relaunched as Rad Power Bikes in 2015 with an instantaneous to consumer sales model.
An eBike Company

Taking a observe the organisation’s lineup of bikes, you will fast word they do no longer seem like traditional bicycles. From the begin, Rad Power Bikes had its attractions set on being an ebike organisation and got here to grips very early on with the belief that bikes have to be their advent. They need to be more than a traditional motorcycle design with a battery and motor bolted on. By doing this, and putting bikes as the only attention of the company, they could be capable of construct motorcycles simply optimized for his or her destiny as electrified, and battery powered workhorses.

On this foundational belief, the team has constructed a lineup of motors that deliver different price to Rad Power Bikes owners. The Radmin Step-Thru we examined weighs in at sixty-eight pounds and fantastically folds up for greater compact stowage. The specific folding functionality, uncommon on any such big bike, allowed us to fold it up and positioned it within the trunk of an automobile on more than one occasion. The robust frame of the motorbike allowed me to trip around metropolis on it without worrying if it was capable of the 93kg frame at the side of all my gear.

Looking across the Rad Power Bikes lineup, the identical centre capability may be found on all of its automobiles. The RadWagon is built with hauling capability at the pinnacle of the list, and as such, it isn’t tough to imagine using it to replace a vehicle. Doing so might also seem like a distant, available future, but after spending time on the website and searching around on the style of customer pics proposing the wagon loaded with kids, groceries, and even lumber, it becomes a few steps toward truth.
When shaping up the bones of the emblem, Ty said that “we knew it couldn’t be simply some other motorbike…We desired to do something that turned into very precise and eye-catching.” Its bikes are “designed with function in thoughts,” with the capability of the motorbike defining the overarching reason for a motorbike to come into lifestyles.

“We truely are an ebike agency,” Ty said. That’s clear from the begin, and it’s miles a thrilling instance of how the electrification of vehicles of all shapes and sizes is permitting human beings all over the world to live more healthy, lower effect lives, at the same time as gaining knowledge of their groups even higher on the same time.
Direct Consumer Relationships

From the early days of Mike working with customers separately to layout and build a gadget for his or her specific wishes, he changed into centred on constructing answers for his clients. That’s less complicated to do in man or woman, where you can see and engage along with your customers at once. However, Mike wanted to scale this equal customer-centric version as they moved from nearby income to an e-commerce version with maximum sales coming in over the net.

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