HARVEY, Ill. (WLS) — A neighbourhood lady ended up towing her car far from her mechanic after a dispute over an expensive engine were given heated.
The lady is known as it an “unfair car restore” after she started her car sat unfixed for weeks at a mechanic. Angeline Lewis’ 2010 Audi continues to be sitting vain, without a working engine.
“I wanted a new motor,” Lewis defined. She stated she grew to become to One Stop Auto Clinic in Harvey and paid a $1,900 cash down fee on a $five,700 activity for a new engine and hard work.
“He would best take coins,” Lewis said. But after several weeks of getting the runaround – and now not listening to approximate development – she has become worried.
“I referred to as Harvey police station and the younger woman cautioned that I pop up. So one Saturday I popped up with the tow truck,” she stated.
Lewis got her vehicle returned and recorded the communication with the repair keep owner on her cellular cellphone, wherein she says he pointed out giving her a partial refund.
Lewis: “Why cannot I just get it now?”
Repair Shop proprietor: “I do not have it. If I had it, I deliver it to you now and finish this trouble.”
But some money would be deducted from the refund because the owner, Khaled Mubarak, said he put a $500 deposit on an engine. But Lewis stated he wouldn’t show her a receipt.
“Because you are not displaying me whatever. I do not know; you refuse to present me the call of the junkyard, I cannot even call them to affirm that,” Lewis told him at the mobile phone recording.
Then she stated Mubarak refused to provide her with any money. Mubarak advised the I-Team he’ll provide Lewis that $1, four hundred partial refunds.
When asked while she ought to expect to look the $1, four hundred, Mubarak said: “In subsequent weeks, I give it to her.”
But he additionally blames Lewis, saying he desired her to pay for the whole price of the engine before he installed the it. He furthermore stated she had no longer observed thru on a verbal price settlement. Lewis reported she failed to assume to pay in complete until the job turned into entire.


Jason Knowles: “So you’re pronouncing you wanted $4,500 before you will put the engine in?”
Mubarak: “Yes… Just for the engine, now not for the labour.”
Mubarak said folks that do not pay for the majority prematurely, generally abandon cars after the paintings is done.
“I have out of doors 15 motors and patron. No person comes back,” Mubarak said.
In this situation, the receipt showed no information while bills have been predicted or while the paintings become speculated to be finished.
When having your automobile repaired, continually try to pay through credit score card so that you can dispute a price. You may also need to pay in instalments as the paintings is being finished
No count number what your agreement is along with your mechanic, make sure the timeline of bills and progress of labour are all in writing. It should help keep away from disagreements down the street

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