They say everything comes again into fashion in the end, if you keep it lengthy enough.
Maybe that explains why Toyota’s cultish little sports activities coupe, the GT86 – constructed to a recipe that is a long time vintage – remains a hot item, even after nearly seven years on the market.
This is a vehicle plucked straight out of the Seventies – a low-tech, high-a laugh system that is identical parts dynamo and dinosaur.
A automobile that, proper from the outset, changed into all about rekindling those glory days while sports activities cars were simple in design, formidable in their execution and unshackled by means of fuss and flummery.
Think of the authentic Mazda RX-7, Nissan’s 240Z – or even further returned to Britain’s legendary MG -seater.
Those automobiles conjure many happy recollections. So every every so often it is reassuring to find some thing that maintains on keeping on. And the 86 does that – each bit as applicable and contemporary as the day it turned into released – in large part because it was so antique-college within the first place.
The 86 become first unveiled in 2011 on the Tokyo motor display and hit the marketplace in Japan the subsequent yr. Australians got their first flavor in mid-2012 and inside the US, wherein it become called a Scion FR-S, it debuted in 2013. Not extraordinarily, the Yanks grew uninterested in it and the auto is no longer on sale there.
In Australia it is nonetheless going robust, no matter remaining virtually unchanged – save for a moderate beauty tweak a yr or so returned. Yet it does not appearance tired or dated, thanks in part to that minor facelift but more so due to the purity of its layout.
The addition of a “Dynamic Performance Pack” by means of Toyota late closing 12 months gave 86 income a few fresh momentum and afforded us the danger to get reacquainted with this sharp little coupe.
We’ve virtually not pushed the 86 before but have two times sampled its dual – the Subaru BR-Z – an almost same machine evolved in an extraordinary partnership among Toyota and its Japanese rival.
Of path, they are no longer the simplest machines competing on this space – Mazda’s fantastic MX-5 has furnished uninterrupted get entry to to fun, low-cost motoring for the reason that 1989. Appealing to lots the same target market, it has the advantage of a folding cloth roof, however the drawback of extensively less indoors space than the 86.
The Toyota will, as an example, accommodate a set of golfing clubs, in all likelihood even , with the rear seat folded ahead, at the same time as in the MX-five, such bulky gadgets must trip shotgun inside the passenger’s seat.
Mazda recently brought a power increase to the MX-five so the Toyota’s performance percent upgrade is a welcome addition – even it it does not convey more grunt.
For $2200 It includes beauty improvements – notably a few stunning smoky alloy wheels – in conjunction with mechanical improvements like an upgraded SACHS suspension device and gripy Brembo sports brakes, complete with little red calipers seen via those smart alloys.
Still, looking to improve the 86’s handling is like looking to boost Donald Trump’s ego – a huge ask, given the automobile’s rail-like grip and balanced, nimble coping with.
Toyota calls it “raw driving”, which pretty an awful lot nails it. You take a seat together with your backside just a few centimetres from the ground and a smile completely caught for your face. Even nipping all the way down to the stores for a litre of milk will become a treat inside the 86.
The model is to be had in trim ranges – we examined the greater steeply-priced GTS where a rate tag of $36,640 gets you substantially more kit than the simple GT ($31,440), consisting of 17-inch wheels, alcantara-trimmed seats, upgraded audio, dual-region climate manipulate and GPS navigation.


Our test vehicle got here with some other extra – the six-velocity sequential automatic transmission ($2300) that proved to be a notably welcome inclusion. No doubt the purists can be coughing in their cornflakes as they read this, but we thoroughly enjoyed the self-shifter in a automobile that, many might argue, changed into constructed for a guide gearbox.
The car did a very applicable task retaining the little coupe’s revvy, raucous engine on song and it’s one of the few motors that certainly advantages via the addition of of the wheel-established “flappy paddles” we are used to finding in the whole thing from utes to SUVs nowadays.
With simply 152 kilowatts being produced by means of that free-spinning, 4-cylinder powerplant, the 86 genuinely does not dazzle with its acceleration. The speed restrict arrives in a reasonably mundane seven seconds but it feels and sounds like it’s a great deal faster.

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