When we ultimate sampled a Mazda MX-5 Miata in 2017, in retractable fastback (RF) guise, we called it “pint-sized perfection” and raved that it changed into the exceptional drop-top you can get for under $60,000.
Given that it cost in the direction of $30,000, that was dazzling.
Now, Mazda says they’ve made it higher. Power has risen from one hundred fifty-five horsepower to 181, the federally required backup digital camera has arrived, and a few different high-quality-of-lifestyles improvements are available. It changed into already considered one of our favorite vehicles, but for 2019 the Miata gets even better.

The suitable
The Miata is set as simple as motors get. It’s a -door, rear-wheel pressure roadster that weighs simply 2,339 kilos. For reference, a Toyota Camry with all the options weighs 3,572 kilos.
It’s also were given a slick six-pace guide transmission, though an automatic alternative is available. An engine is a 4-cylinder unit that soldiers on without turbochargers, superchargers or every other complex nonsense.
The result of this simplicity is a predictable and beautiful driving revel in. Weight, in riding, is the enemy. More weight way less acceleration, longer braking distances, much less agility and more inertia. Take all of the weight off, balance it flawlessly between the two axles, and unexpectedly you realize what a sports activities car have to feel like.

Steering is telepathic, communicating directly how tons grip you have and what every of the the front tires is doing. Handling is likewise extra special, with a short flip in that offers a way to the trademark Miata frame roll. Primarily, the car leans into turns. While it’s not the most neutral behavior, it provides a sense of drama and pleasure to twisty riding even if you by no means exceed the rate restrict.
It’s a long way from the quickest element we’ve examined. However, it’s one of the most a laugh motors out there. Especially with the pinnacle down; this aspect is a revolt. The handiest vehicle we’ve examined which could be healthy the fun element of the Miata is the BMW M2 Competition. Since we referred to as that an overall performance “good deal” at $67,0.5, the Miata is an absolute steal at $33,050.
Plus, it’s pretty a pleasing component. The indoors is lovable, with easy controls and an intuitive layout. The top is a guide but can be dropped with one hand in approximately 5 seconds. Genuinely, it’s easier than the power top on the RF version, less expensive, lighter and much less likely to need renovation in the long run.
Speaking of which, Miatas are liked inside the racing and performance driving communities due to how little care and attention they need. Because they’re natural and mild, tune day fanatics in Miatas turn out to be spending less on gas, brakes, tires, and maintenance than folks that convey more massive rides. Because the Miata is so predictable, it’s additionally a fantastic vicinity to research.

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