At this factor, we essentially recognise the entirety there is to know about the brand new Toyota Supra. We understand how tons power it makes (335 horsepower). We understand how tons it charges ($50,290). We even understand what number of colours it comes in (eight). But until now, we didn’t understand what’s arguably the most crucial factoid of any sports activities automobile: what kind of gas financial system it receives. Okay, so maybe gas financial system is not certainly a sports-vehicle client’s number one need-to-recognise fact before making a purchase, but it’s far critical.
The Supra is powered by way of a turbocharged three.Zero-liter inline-six sourced from BMW, and simplest an 8-pace computerized transmission is available. The EPA has now released its reputable numbers for the Supra, rating it at 26 mpg combined, 24 mpg town, and 31 mpg toll road. We decided to dig into the rankings of the Supra’s competitors—and some different tangentially related cars—to peer how the reborn legend compares.

We’re starting up with the three-series no longer because it’s a competitor to the Supra, but due to the fact the M340i version makes use of the identical engine as the Toyota. The M340i is more effective, although, with its 382 horsepower and 369 lb-feet of torque besting the 335 horses and 365 lb-ft of the Supra. The M340i is likewise simplest offered with all-wheel force, even as the Supra is rear-pressure, however both use the equal eight-velocity vehicle.
With EPA rankings of 25 mixed, 22 metropolis, and 30 highway, the M340i lags behind the Supra by way of 1, 2, and 1 mpg, respectively. This is not precisely sudden, as the 3-collection is larger, heavier, and greater effective, but it is also clean to look a sports activities automobile come out on top in a fuel-economic system warfare.

The Z4 is even extra intently related to the Supra than the 3-series is, with the two sports activities automobiles sharing the same platform—despite the fact that improvement became done one after the other—as well as many other additives. The 2020 M40i model uses the equal inline-six because the Supra and the M340i, with the identical power rankings as the three-collection. The EPA has yet to launch numbers for the M40i, but BMW estimates it’ll get 31 mpg toll road, matching the Supra.
The decrease-quit model of the Z4, called the sDrive30i, uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four with 255 horsepower. It’s truely supplied in the Supra in Japan, however there aren’t any plans for the four-cylinder Supra to make its way to America—but. But regardless of its decrease electricity and fewer cylinders, the 4-pot Z4 is slightly more efficient than the six-cylinder Supra, with scores at the 2019 version of 28 combined, 25 city, and 32 highway.
2020 Jaguar F-Type

All proper, now we’re entering into the actual comparisons. Like the Supra, Jaguar’s F-type is a -door, -seat liftback coupe it really is best available with an eight-speed automated transmission. (Okay, there may be a convertible version too.) The F-kind’s base engine is a turbocharged 2.Zero-liter four with 296 horsepower, and it cannot fine the Supra. The F-type 2.0T’s blended figure of 26 mpg fits the Supra, however its 23 town and 30 motorway rankings are every 1 mpg much less than what the Supra achieves.
Then there may be the F-type’s uplevel engine, which is a supercharged three.Zero-liter V-6 that comes in more than one states of track. The standard model makes 340 horses and is rated with the aid of the EPA at 23 blended, 20 metropolis, and 28 highway, a miles cry from the Supra’s 26/24/31. The F-type S, which has 380 horsepower, receives 1 mpg less in each segment, and the all-wheel-pressure F-kind S is 1 mpg lower still.
2019 Porsche 718 Cayman

A few years ago Porsche made the debatable decision to replace the Cayman and Boxster’s clearly aspirated flat-six engine with a turbocharged flat-four whilst it facelifted the models to create the 718. This change turned into made underneath the guise of progressed efficiency, but it became out the fours weren’t any higher in fuel financial system. Making topics worse, the six-cylinder Supra does higher than every version of the Cayman.
At 25/22/29 mpg combined/metropolis/toll road, the base Cayman with the 300-hp 2.Zero-liter 4 receives 1 mpg much less than the Supra in the mixed rating and a couple of mpg less inside the town and motorway assessments. The Cayman S has a 350-hp 2.Five-liter 4, that’s rated at 1 mpg less than the bottom Cayman in each take a look at, and the Cayman GTS is even much less green at 22/20/26 mpg.
Because the Supra is vehicle only, we only as compared it to variations of the Cayman geared up with the seven-pace PDK automatic. But while prepared with the six-pace manual, each model of the Cayman is even less fuel-green.
2019 Audi TT

At first, we have been only going to compare the Supra to the TT RS, the wildest version of Audi’s layout-forward coupe. With a 400-hp turbocharged inline-five, a seven-pace dual-clutch computerized transmission, and all-wheel pressure, it has one of the most specific characters in the segment. The TT RS’ 29-mpg motorway discern receives near the Supra’s rating of 29 mpg, however its 22 mpg combined and 19 mpg town numbers are 4 and 5 mpg much less than the Supra’s, respectively.
But then we realized that not most effective does the Supra beat the TT RS, it beats all the different TT fashions, too. The base TT makes use of a 220-hp faster four and all-wheel pressure, and even as it fits the Supra’s combined and toll road numbers, it receives 1 much less mpg inside the metropolis. Then there’s the TTS, which uses a 292-hp version of the TT’s engine and suits the everyday TT’s metropolis score but gets 2 mpg much less at the toll road and 1 mpg less blended.
2019 Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevy Corvette is a piece of a wild card for this evaluation. At $56,995 to begin, it’s now not that much more luxurious than the Supra. Like the Supra, the Vette has seats and a liftback hatch and is rear-wheel force. But the Vette additionally has a 6.2-liter V-8. So, as you possibly expect, the Supra lotions the Chevy in relation to performance. With its elective eight-speed vehicle, the base Vette is rated at 18 mpg blended, 15 town, and 25 dual carriageway; that’s 8, nine, and six mpg worse than the Supra.
Also as you’ll assume, the supercharged Corvette Z06 is even worse on the pump, and do not get us commenced at the tremendous Corvette ZR1. (Okay, with the auto, the ZR1 gets 15/12/20. Not terrible for 755 horsepower, without a doubt.)
2019 Nissan 370Z

Yes, we get it, the Nissan 370Z is quite old and old at this factor, however we could not end this story without pitting the Supra towards as a minimum one Japanese automobile. The Z has used the equal 332-hp clearly aspirated 3.7-liter V-6 considering the fact that its inception, and the non-compulsory seven-pace computerized transmission has remained the same. With that computerized, the 370Z coupe is rated at 22 mpg mixed, 19 city, and 26 motorway. That’s 4 mpg much less than the Supra inside the mixed cycle, and 5 mpg less within the town and at the dual carriageway. And with the manual, the Z receives 2 mpg less than the auto in both the blended and town rankings.
1993–1998 Toyota Supra (Fourth Generation)

Now we couldn’t complete this contrast without speaking about the fourth-gen Supra Turbo, may want to we? At least for American audiences, this technology is what made the Supra surely iconic—with a touch help from The Fast and the Furious. The Turbo version turned into offered from 1993 to 1998, and used a twin-faster three.0-liter inline-six pumping out 320 horsepower and 315 lb-feet of torque—pretty near what the brand new 2020 model makes. The Supra become fast as hell, appeared great, and become incredible to force. But as you presently know, all that we care approximately is fuel economy.
Ratings fluctuated at some point of production, so we are going with numbers from 1997. Back then, the Supra Turbo became rated by the EPA at 18 mpg mixed, 16 mpg city, and 22 mpg toll road whilst outfitted with the elective 4-speed computerized. (We’re going with the EPA’s adjusted figures; a trade was implemented in 2008 to how it rates cars.) Compared to the new vehicle, it truly is eight mpg worse within the blended cycle, 8 mpg worse inside the metropolis, and 10 mpg worse at the highway. Now it truly is development! With the six-pace guide, the Supra Turbo did 1 mpg worse in the city.
The Supra Turbo wasn’t the handiest model of the fourth-gen automobile presented in the States. The base car, which changed into top notch in its very own proper, had a obviously aspirated 3.0-liter inline-six making 220 horsepower and 210 lb-toes. With the guide, it matched the Turbo’s EPA ratings, but with the automatic it did 1 mpg better in the combined and motorway tests.
With the brand new Supra being a lot better in gasoline economy than the old model, it is certain to bode properly for a way properly it’ll be in general, proper? We’re being a bit cheeky, however in our first pressure of a prototype of the brand new Supra, we came away extraordinarily inspired. We can not wait to get a production model to review—in particular so we will run it via our highway gasoline-financial system check.
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