INGOLSTADT — The future of Audi’s TT and R8 sports activities automobiles is doubtful as the automaker launches new electric powered vehicles and decreases the wide variety of internal combustion cars in its lineup.
Audi’s high-priced push into EVs, together with high development prices and declining profitability for the area of interest coupes ought to imply the end of the low quantity halo automobiles.
Audi is decreasing version complexity and cutting expenses after being overwhelmed by way of its diesel-dishonest scandal and Europe’s new WLTP trying out regime.
The R8 and TT are getting into the second one half of in their life-cycle and Audi will quickly ought to decide whether there might be successors to the models.
“We engineers want them and our income colleagues want them, however it’s far a query of whether or not we will find the money for them,” improvement leader Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler instructed Automotive News Europe at the sidelines of Audi’s annual press conference here on Thursday.


Engineers are preventing to save the TT and R8 because they’re a part of Audi’s DNA, he said. This might be difficult because Audi parent Volkswagen Group has now informed brands to alter earnings margin objectives for new models to consist of CO2 emissions, making the commercial enterprise case for sports automobiles difficult with out luxurious electrification, Rothenpieler said
No selection has been made but regarding successor fashions, he said.

Audi CEO Bram Schot said the automaker’s future sports activities cars might be electric, hinting at ability battery-powered successors.
Referring to the RS fashions’ emblem, Schot stated “the purple diamond desires to turn out to be greener.”
TT worldwide deliveries fell 38 percentage ultimate 12 months to fourteen,641. R8 income dropped by means of 10 percent to two,760.

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