JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WJAC) — People in the course of the Johnstown region have been impacted by high winds from the storms Thursday.

6 News crews were out all day travelling the hurricane damage and speak to folks that lived through it.

“I became looking at TV, and I heard a huge bang. It turned into throughout just that brief. Found out the roof and that got here off,” said Donald Schellhammer.

Schellhammer, 88, become at domestic while high winds ripped the roof from St. Gregory Parish Center in Daisytown.

Schellhammer lives properly across the street. He stated the middle established the roof simply years ago.

“It’s a multitude, I inform you,” Schellhammer said. “I in no way notion I could see something like this here. The largest part of the damage is proper right here in this section proper right here.”

Schellhammer said particles from the roof changed into strewn across the street. Some struck a fence on his belongings.

“It knocked the fence over,” Schellhammer said. “This tin proper there, that become all against that fence and as high as them wires while the person came up with a gadget and took it out for us.”

In Westmont, high winds took out bushes and knocked branches into vehicles alongside Luzerne Street. One tree was ripped from its roots, taking sections of sidewalk with it. One female defined a tree twisting and turning inside the wind earlier than falling to the ground.

She stated she was compelled to take cover in the bathroom as hail and wind beat the perimeters of her domestic. Schellhammer had a comparable experience.

“There turned into a few hail and the whole thing else. It gave the impression of hail hitting the residence, you realize.”

The wind “changed into a howling,” Schellhammer said.

Schellhammer expects the cleanup technique to make an effort. He said notwithstanding the damage to belongings, the important issue is there have been no accidents.

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