TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — The manner Oklahomans buy and sell their vehicles is set to trade beginning July 1.
A regulation will pass into effect implementing drivers to hold their license plates in preference to sending them off with their car. Forty- other states have already got this regulation in place.
When you purchase a new vehicle, you will take your tag from your vintage vehicle and put it on the new one.
Lawmakers supporting the bill said this ought to help with regulation enforcement and toll agencies to keep up with who owns what vehicle.

This new pass is causing a headache for tag agencies across the state.
“It’s tons greater time eating. We’re not receiving anymore charges for doing it. Right now, for us to make a switch on a identify, it is 4 or 5 pages on a laptop and the instance they have got given us is up to fourteen,” stated Ann Jones, proprietor of Central Tag Agency.
She owns one in every of the most important tag corporations inside the kingdom and stated they may be already struggling with the country’s budget cuts.
“There’s a point where it will become a crisis,” stated Jones.
She said they’re being asked to do extra with much less.
With a few months till the law goes into effect, numerous tag businesses across Green Country stated they have not obtained schooling from the kingdom on the way to take care of the influx of people needing their registration transferred.
Sometimes human beings might move years paying the consequences in place of switching their tags.
The state expects to rake in about $forty million in sales from this change each 12 months.
Jones hopes a number of that money is going towards funding tag agencies.

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