While driving has turned into a necessity for many, a lot of people tend to overlook the simple things that keep themselves as well as others on the road safe. If you think there are certain areas in driving you need to improve, take a look at this list to know if you are doing things right.
Love your car, get loved back!
The most basic of all precautions, taking care of your car is crucial for a safe and enjoyable drive. While it does not mean obsessing over your car, simple things like service schedules, consumable replacement (like fluids and various filters) or a regular check can contribute to a long and healthy life for your car.

ABC stands for Accelerator, Brake and Clutch. Knowing when to use which and how much, can be the critical difference between a smooth, safe ride, and the unfortunate event of an accident.

Keep it simple
While customising your car and giving it a personalised look and feel is nice, overdoing it can often lead to accelerated wear and tear of the vehicle and sometimes damage. While simple aesthetic modifications do not affect car health much, mechanical changes like engine ports, suspension lowering kits and incompatible exhaust systems will tire out your car quicker than usual.
Insurance is the best assurance
However confident you might be of your driving, you can never predict or judge what events might unfold on the road. Because there are so many factors to be considered, it is better to have comprehensive, zero-depreciation insurance from a trusted insurance agency. Usually, the car manufacturer takes care of your first insurance policy, and if you keep renewing it in time, you should be good to go.
Keep the company accessories
Though this should be an unsaid assumption, most people ignore the need for a toolbox or a first-aid kit in their car. While it may not be of use in most cases, it is better to have a fixed set of tools, which is provided by the company, in your car always. This, along with a well-kept and clean first-aid kit could prove to be of significant help in dire emergencies.

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