We’re all acquainted with the adage, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it is long past,” but when it comes to the nuts that keep your vehicle’s front seats in the vicinity, you possibly do not want to find out that they may be lacking.
Volvo has issued a recall for two,297 examples of the 2018-2019 XC60 SUV and S90 sedan. The cars were constructed among Oct. 12, 2017, and Jan. 15, 2019.
The disorder lies in the rear flange nuts for the the front seat rails. Blunders in the dealer’s meeting procedure way that some cars may additionally have left the manufacturing unit without the flange as mentioned above nuts. As Volvo notes, the signs and symptoms of the missing bolts will simplest occur all through a crash, when the seat structure and position may be compromised, which can grow the hazard of damage at some point of stated collision. Volvo notes that the dealer has given that updated its meeting technique.


Volvo determined the trouble in early March when its supplier found problems with its production line. The automaker initiated an overview that turned into an investigation, and the order changed into issued to put together to don’t forget the affected automobiles.
Thankfully, the fix is pretty sincere. Volvo technicians will examine the recalled automobiles and, if necessary, add the lacking flange nuts if none are present. Dealers have already been notified. However owners have to begin received keep in mind notifications in the mail in May. As with other remember, Volvo will reimburse proprietors who already paid for this restore out of pocket.

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