A rugged, cross-anywhere pickup truck is an excellent tool for individuals who want to stay it up inside the outstanding outside. Unlike SUVs, a pickup has a cabin that may seat passengers, and the loading bay at the again is all yours to play with.

You can convey anything you like and treat it as a truck. But if the thought of transforming that area ever crosses your dreams, realise that you could additionally get your self a canopy which turns your solid pick out up truck into an SUV.

How do you do that? Azad four×four has come up with those cover answers, which can be fabricated from steel, in contrast to maximum different products that are manufactured from ABS or fibre. How is steel superior? Well, for the kind of situations a choose up is driven in, or even for the nation of our roads, any modification made to the shell has to be able to withstand the stress that gets transferred from the road conditions to the frame shell. The different elements that it needs to also stand thru is weather situations. And there are very few alternatives to metallic when it comes to withstanding these factors.

The other element approximately these steel canopies is that they aren’t designed merely to cover the loading bay somehow. These are designed with retaining the aesthetics of the vehicle in thoughts, and as seen in these pics, strike a remarkable balance between shape and function.

Designed with protection, security and aesthetics in mind, those canopies function a separate LED mild tail cluster, a spoiler on the top, and a wash-wipe machine with a demister on the rear windscreen to useful resource visibility.

The different gain of being made from steel is that those canopies can take masses of as much as three hundred kgs while the automobile is static. That way, you may both choose to affix a rooftop container or maybe a tent to praise your adventurous lifestyle. Since the tailgate opens in a cut up fashion, you can also select a sliding tray to be equipped interior, which then becomes the appropriate kitchen platform or a considerable picnic table if you want.

You may even pick out from 3 exclusive variations, consistent with your needs. There’s one that receives a sliding window on its aspect glass for better air flow. Another has the aspect glass region attached to hydraulic struts, so that you can open it completely, similar to the tailgate. Want one that fits your business commercial enterprise wishes? They have one like that too.

The top-of-the-variety canopy is called the V4 Grand (Sliding Window). It fits flush as if a part of the same old bodywork and has a sliding window for ventilation inside the facet glass vicinity. Its rear tailgate can be synced with the car’s far off lock bolt itself on the identical time, the windscreen on the lower back is created from tempered glass, and a hidden C-clamp device secures the cover to the body.

The other cover is called the Bird Wing, which receives its call due to the faceted glass, which swivels up and is held collectively by using hydraulic struts. All its other functions are commonplace to the V4 Grand. Another variation, referred to as the V2 Birdwing, replaces the glass with opaque, frame coloured panels. There’s one extra called the V2 Solid Sider, which does away with the faceted glass.

The one that we discovered the most interesting is called the Turismo. It transforms your pick up truck’s loading bay into a few limo-like areas, what with mattresses and mood lighting fixtures among different matters. You can spec it to come with a tiny range, a television or even a fridge!

Painted at the manufacturing unit, these SMM Steel Canopies include a 3-12 months guarantee too. Azad 4X4 also has distinct distribution rights for merchandise manufactured through Thailand based Sammitr Group, who’s a massive name in terms of pick up truck add-ons and the most effective ones inside the international who produce steel canopies for pickup trucks. Check out to the gallery beneath to realise more magnificent approximately those canopies.

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