Punjab Government on Tuesday froze the portal of 3 car-sellers defrauding the country Transport Department, besides creating a restoration of Rs 56 lakhs from them.

“It has come to the awareness of the Department that three car dealers, hailing from Amritsar, had been engaging in defrauding the Transport Department with the aid of levying complete tax payable at the charge from the customers at the time of selling the vehicle however paying the state exchequer taxes at simplest 1/2 the charges accordingly causing loss to the state exchequer whose rightful share is ex-showroom fee minus taxes,” said the country Transport Minister Aruna Chaudhary.

She said that cracking the whip, the portals of these three dealers — Novelty Hyundai, Aryan Hyundai and PNR Motors were frozen except creating a recuperation of Rs fifty-five,74,223. Of this, recuperation of Rs 11,85,154 has been made from Novelty Hyundai, Rs 6, forty-three,780 from Aryan Honda and Rs 37, forty-five,289 from the PNR Motors.

The plan of a five-yr audit of each organisation is also in the pipeline, she introduced.

Chaudhary stated that an intensive probe into the problem is on by way of the State Transport Commissioner Dilraj Singh to get into the depth of the entire depend and trap the alternative fish muddying the pond.

Reiterating that probity is the byword of the prevailing State Government, and any malpractice would be significantly handled, she stated that the Transport Department is one of the leading propellers of the kingdom’s economic system, and that explains why zero-tolerance policy has been adopted and scrupulously adhered to with the aid of the Punjab Government toward those inflicting loss to the authorities exchequer.

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