I am writing to protest your characterization of residents’ responses to UBC’s plans for brand new neighbourhoods on campus as “anti-boom.” As someone who has lived many years simply off or now on campus, I actually have seen radical changes on the University of B.C. For the reason that 1950s. I welcome practical development.
UBC residents have agreed to excessive-rises up to 22 storeys and better density ranges accredited as these days as 2010 — heights not visible in close by neighbourhoods. What we do not assist are towers that dwarf the environment, that could bring density that would far outstrip capacity for schooling, roads and transit and isn’t always conducive to a wholesome community.
The article paints a very pretty picture of some of the developments, but we invite you to come back and examine the empty condos that school and staff — by no means mind students — cannot have the funds for.


Alexandra Volkoff, Vancouver
We help low priced UBC housing
Signatories of the petition to Rethink Stadium Road are not anti-boom. We aid the modern-day land use plan and the development as in the beginning estimated.
We are for sustainable improvement that builds network, creates low cost housing, which includes possession alternatives for UBC faculty and workforce and this is environmentally responsible. Luxury apartment towers do not fit the invoice.
We do no longer support the prioritization of monetary return particularly different factors.
Joan Stanley, Vancouver
Stick to devise
UBC residents and ability residents need sustainable improvement that is inexpensive for UBC group of workers and students. UBC citizens do now not have the ballot -container alternatives to be had to residents of B.C. Municipalities.
Residents need to keep with the land-use plan advanced through the provincial government in 2010. I desire different British Columbians will be a part of me in helping the wishes of UBC residents for adherence to the current plan.
Margaret Miller, New Westminster
Point Grey SkyTrain way ‘production hell’
After I got my snow tires off I notion it might be first-rate to head up Cambie Street to look the flowering trees I remembered there.
Well, what a marvel! A quiet, flowery neighbourhood has been became city construction hell! Now I recognise to combat the Broadway to UBC SkyTrain line or all of scenic Point Grey will move the identical manner.
That form of development may be necessary to residence gazillions greater human beings, but I hope I die before I have to stay in it.
Lesley Bohm,Vancouver
‘Team player’ means abandoning principles
The federal Liberal birthday party definition of “team participant” is someone having the willingness to modify, adapt or abandon any ideas that individual can also hold so that it will in addition the self-hobby of the group.
Anne Adrian, Vancouver
Cyclists allowed to pressure on all streets
I become these days deafened once more by way of an indignant motorist even as cycling on a street. I’m moved to make numerous observations:
First, bicycle routes are not always most secure for cyclists, frequently which include old residential streets in abysmal repair with dense parking making careless pedestrians sudden car-door openings a constant danger. Traffic circles are often blown via rushing motorists.
Secondly, it’s miles nearly not possible to navigate one’s manner using simplest motorbike routes.
Thirdly and most importantly, except for some carefully distinct occasions, cyclists revel in the same rights and duties as motorists. There is no such component as a non-bicycle road.
This remaining point is critical and appears to have been misplaced on the ones motorists who feel entitled to force with out the nuisance of minding cyclists. The frequent heedlessness and aggression of such motorists indicates an unfortunate irony — Vancouver’s introduction of bicycle networks has mockingly made cyclists much less secure on ordinary streets.
Cameron Pierce, Vancouver
NDP appearing like Joe McCarthy
About 70 years ago, the U.S. Went thru the demanding enjoy of Sen. Joe McCarthy. Any American who did now not swear that they were not a communist may want to have their lives ruined.
Today, in B.C., one is compelled to swear by way of the NDP that you aren’t a speculator. Is there any distinction in the type of folks that demand this form of conformity of notion?

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