The dropper seatpost has hastily grow to be a must-have item for quite tons every type of mountain biker, however there are a huge array of various styles, models, fitment options, travels and more than can make getting the excellent one for you difficult. Our complete guide to dropper posts will make all of it a lot less complicated.
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A dropper seat submit lets in you to modify your saddle top whilst riding, the use of a spring and a few sort of device to maintain it at a sure peak. They’ve grow to be increasingly more famous with all forms of mountain bikers in latest years and there are a huge variety available on the market nowadays.
This article will answer some key questions on who might advantage from the use of a dropper put up, plus the primary benefits and downsides, in addition to how to pick the proper one on your needs and bike.


Why should I use a dropper put up?
Saddle top is extremely crucial for off-street driving. You want with a view to have it high sufficient to offer effective and green pedalling but while you hit technical terrain or steep descents, it needs to be low enough to let you easily circulate your body weight round to stay in control.
In the times before dropper posts, you may either set your saddle at a fixed height that wasn’t exceptional for either hiking or descending with a ensuing loss of manipulate and efficiency in each otherwise you’d ought to prevent and manually drop your seatpost, which become time-ingesting and worrying.
A dropper publish allows you to have each positions – and frequently something in-among – on demand, that means you could pass from technical descending to mountaineering with out pause or lack of performance.
Which types of riders gain maximum from having a dropper submit?
The solution is pretty much each mountain biker that is no longer fixated on weight above the whole thing else. Certainly, in case you’re an enduro racer, having one is quite a good deal an crucial to installing a good overall performance in the blended up’n’down degrees they race and pretty lots all path riders will discover one beneficial too, whether they trip path centres or off-piste wild trails, even if it is just to hold the float going.
The jury continues to be out in relation to pure cross-u . S . Driving, but. If you do not have a tendency to hit very technical trails then you may probable get away without the use of one – in spite of everything, all and sundry did with out lower back in the day – however even greater move-u . S . Racers are realising they’re extraordinarily useful, generally faster and really worth the weight penalty.
Basically, in case you want to experience more secure, faster and with less mid-ride faffing, get your self a dropper post. If you’re obsessed about weight or on a very tight finances, going without will do simply high-quality.
What’s the nice dropper put up for my motorbike?
Not so smooth to reply this one, as there are a whole load of variables happening, not just the huge one among value. We’ll cover what you want to do not forget below…
How do I recognize what size of dropper publish I want?
Much like fitting any seatpost, you’ll want to recognise the internal diameter of your motorbike’s seat tube. This will frequently be written for your contemporary post in millimetres or you may talk to the frame producer’s specifications. If you cannot discover either, just measure it yourself with a fixed of Vernier callipers. Most seatpost sizes are now quite a whole lot standardized, with 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm being the most commonplace.
If you’ve got a bike with the 2 large sizes, you’ll have quite much the selection of the whole lot available on the market, but every body with a 27.2mm put up would possibly discover their picks confined because the narrower size makes it hard to in shape the vital internals interior.
What’s the longest journey publish that I can use?
While the general goal of the game is to get the longest tour dropper put up you can to your price range as it’ll allow you your proper pedalling height as well as maximum clearance. With some offering as much as a whopping 200mm of drop, there’s masses of tour on offer. However, in reality, you are probable to be constrained through a range of of factors.
First up, you want to calculate the most important quantity of drop your body and maximum saddle top will permit. Start through measuring from the top of your frame tube to the top of your saddle rail whilst it’s at your perfect pedalling top, noting the wide variety down.
You then want to discover an instance of the dropper publish you are interested by, compress it fully and measure it from the top of wherein the saddle rail would visit the factor that’s the bottom the publish may want to healthy in a frame – normally a collar at the top of it.

Subtract one from the opposite and the discern you are left with is the theoretical maximum journey dropper post tour you can have with that design. Anything under it will in shape simply satisfactory, however you will obviously be restricted to the travel alternatives the manufacturer gives.
It’s worth noting that now not all droppers are equal right here – a few could be longer overall for a given travel, meaning they is probably too tall as compared to a exclusive version of the same travel that does in shape. There’s no actual way to inform aside from measuring, both.
Will it suit into my frame?

All that clear as dust for you? Good, due to the fact a longer travel dropper publish additionally wishes a longer body to drop into, which in turn method it wishes a extra insertion depth into the body. If you have got a body with a brief seat tube or one it truly is offset or kinked, you may not be capable of get the submit a long way enough into the frame within the first region, so you’ll need to figure out the most insertion intensity of your body.
To do this, get a traditional, constant put up and stick it as a long way into your body as it’ll pass, wherein it’d backside out. If it does, mark with the aid of the collar then pull it back out and measure from there to the end of the publish and you may recognise the parent – otherwise, it’s similar to the period of that publish.
If the sum of the general period of the extended dropper put up minus the premier pedalling top you measured earlier is lower than the most insertion depth of your frame, you should be quality. It’s worth noting some internal dropper posts do have fixed gubbins consisting of actuators that make bigger below the stated normal put up period, that may throw a final-minute spanner into the works. Many posts are not eager on having the cable beaten or bent at this point both, so err at the side of warning and make sure there may be first rate clearance.
If the number crunching appears a chunk excessive, then it is worthwhile it will prevent shopping for an extended journey publish and realising it doesn’t suit, because it’s now not viable to exchange the travel on mkost of them. That’s why eBay and the advertisements are regularly flooded with humans trying to promote or switch unused dropper posts that they couldn’t get in their bikes after shopping for them – bargains ahoy!
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