It may be almost five years considering the fact that is breaking cover. However the Mercedes-AMG GT looks as fresh, exciting, and – sure – achingly sexy these days because it did on that day on the AMG factory in Affalterbach, Germany. Long of snout, brief of the tail, and looking as if it had been sculpted totally by wind, water, and ardor; the AMG GT embarks on its second act following a mid-cycle refresh for 2020.
We see new LED headlights, hues, wheel designs, and rear-end tweaks; however as would be anticipated, a good deal of this attempt specializes in upgrading the two-seater’s infotainment machine. The top of the center console is now dominated by using a freestanding 10.25-inch touchscreen, and immediately in the front of the motive force sits a 12.Three-inch virtual display, replacing the old analog cluster. This display receives three patterns – Classic, Sporty, and SuperSport – the latter providing a huge vital tachometer with a virtual pace readout in the decrease 1/2.
There’s a brand new AMG Performance multi-feature steerage wheel with little swipe pads on each spoke that allow access to most capabilities – with a chunk of practice, of course. This wheel also sports activities a rotary controller, similar to that of Porsche’s, below the proper spoke for changing force programs; a couple of illuminated buttons beneath the left spoke can be assigned such features as a selection of guide mode, exhaust mode, ESP, and many others.
A new console layout functions a large stylized “V” that carries restyled buttons for the game exhaust, adaptive damping, ESP, force mode, rear wing, and more. All pressure modes at the moment are beneath the all-encompassing AMG Driving Dynamics which divides them into four classes:
Basic consists of “Slippery” and “Comfort” for most ordinary using;
Advanced is energetic when in Sport mode, which lets in for a bit extra leniency within the balance application while toning up the dampers and steerage, and firing up extra aggression in the transmission and throttle;
Pro is assigned to the Sport+ mode, and here the automobile is an installation for even extra spirited using with much less intervention;
Master is paired with Race mode which quite plenty leaves the driving force to their gadgets.

Because any way you slice it, the Mercedes-AMG GT is an absolute fire-breathing beast, a Swabian aristocrat with the heart of a muscle automobile. It bellows like a love-unwell moose and accelerates with the unyielding pressure of a Saturn V rocket, all thanks to its dry-sump four.0L dual-rapid V8 masterpiece that tucks itself well back of the the front wheels, proper up into the firewall. It drives the rear wheels via a rear-mounted 8-pace twin-grab Getrag gearbox. Rear-wheel guidance is preferred at the GT C.

Strategically putting these mechanical bits within the aluminum structure bestows the AMG GT with wonderful stability and agility. It’s additionally pretty communicative, filtering masses of information although to your arms and backside. This is an automobile that engages properly from the step off – the awesome riding function, feel some electrohydraulic steering, and a lag-loose engine that hardwires your proper foot to first-rate chunks is visceral acceleration.
And the noise. No faux engine sounds piped into the cabin right here – AMG makes this warm-vee V8 sound like there is nary a turbocharger among its exhaust ports and the brand new quad exhaust hints.
The Canadian AMG GT line receives streamlined for 2020. The lower trim levels – base GT and GT S – get reduce, leaving the extensive-bodied GT C (550 hp, 502 lb-ft) and GT R (577 hp, 516 lb-toes) that presently start at $163,000 and $183,000 respectively. Seems we Canadians prefer to have our tremendous sports motors completely kitted. While there’s no pricing but for the 2020 fashions that arrive this summer season, we can expect some form of a boom.
The huge performance information for 2020 is the addition of the all-new Pro Package this is to be had only at the pinnacle-canine GT R. This suite of candies will flip your GT R into an avenue-prison racing machine, and very in all likelihood push its sticker over the $2 hundred,000 threshold.
And as a result of the reason for our cross-u. S. A. Blast to the Hockenheimring. There look ahead to a posse of GT R Pros, several AMG using experts headed up by using multiple DTM Champion Bernd Schneider, and rain. Lots of rain. Oh, joy.
To make the Pro, AMG engineers took an awful lot of what they’ve gleaned from going for walks the AMG GT3 and GT4 race automobiles and blended it into the GT R Avenue vehicle. There are no modifications to the powertrain other than new lively engine and transmission mounts. The GT R became in no way trying for the urge. No, the Pro is all approximately elevated downforce, better managing, and weight reduction.
The carbon-fiber front splitter, rear wing, and dive planes on the front wings add one hundred kg of downforce at 250 km/h – sixty-five kg rear and 35 kg front. The Pro also receives a carbon-fiber roof and the front carbon-fiber anti-roll bar. Standard carbon ceramic brakes, cast alloys, and featherweight carbon seats shave even greater mass from this unique. Additionally, multi-adjustable coil-over springs at each corner allow for quality-tuning of the Pro’s handling characteristics. Add some GT3-stimulated racing stripes, and also you’ve got one seriously intimidating land shark.

Yep, the GT R Pro might look remarkable terrible in this damp day as it’s far artfully mirrored within the paddock’s swimming pools of status water. However that ain’t giving me no comfort as I duck my helmeted head below the carbon roof and get strapped in with the four-factor harness. We’re doing lead-and-observe round this excessive-speed F1 circuit – vehicles in the back of the lead driving force, who on this session occurs to be Herr Schneider.
We’re jogging Sport+ and no longer Race mode for apparent motives, and I’m told at the lower back instantly – wherein speeds are kissing an especially sane two hundred km/h in this bloodless and moist day – I can expect to see not anything but spray and, hopefully, the brake lighting fixtures of the car in the front.
So out we head for the first 4-lap session. Bernd talks us around via walkie-talkie, and we gingerly pick up the tempo. The key to survival here is to live at the out of doors of the proper racing line within the corners – in which you’d generally location the auto the floor is simply too slick. And in which you’d generally tuck into the throttle on nook go out and permit the electronically managed differential, and top notch sticky race tires do their magic, you quickly determine that gained’t work. A couple of sphincter-clenching arse-cease side steps has me gently rolling into the glad pedal until we’re nicely and genuinely instantly and up to a healthy speed. This monster will spin its tires in fourth and 5th gear out right here.
And yet, after some greater laps, full-out trepidation becomes mildly terror-tinged amusing as I get to study this particularly balanced but inherently brutish gadget. The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro’s pass-city rival would be the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and while philosophically comparable – each being natural race motors for the road – they’re in truth as exceptional as chalk and cheese.
Available in Europe (but now not in Canada) is a Track Pack that adds a roll cage, 4-point harness, and hearth extinguisher.
AMG isn’t always stingy with tune time on this occasion. Sure, I’ll take any other crack at it. Who could have concept rain, the Hockenheimring and 577 horsepower might make for such an intoxicating cocktail?

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