As I write this, the market cost of Tesla has dropped by using approximately half because it’s last top in mid-December. It’s been quite steadily downhill for the past six months. Of overdue, there has been growing hypothesis approximately someone stepping in to buy Tesla along with Kara Swisher’s sidekick at the Pivot podcast Scott Galloway. Over the beyond a couple of years, I’ve stated on several occasions and still trust that any acquisition of Tesla goes to be difficult with the biggest cause being CEO Elon Musk.

Even at its dramatically decreased rate, which now hovers beneath $a hundred ninety according to proportion, Tesla is hugely overestimated relative to its core commercial enterprise. At a kind of $33 billion marketplace capitalization, it’d likely fee somewhere among $forty and $50 billion to buy the corporation outright. The acquirer could additionally be taking over large liabilities such as greater than $eleven billion in debt and $16 billion of buy obligations for Panasonic cells.

Tesla has one useful car meeting plant and the shell of some other going up in China. It also has a manufacturing facility in Nevada in which it assembles vehicles and battery packs from lithium-ion cells produced on site using Panasonic.

Unfortunately for Tesla, it simplest owns the building and % and motor meeting device. The maximum treasured asset on the Gigafactory, the cell production gadget belongs to Panasonic. Acquisition of the automaker would no longer encompass the cell manufacturing. To get Panasonic to invest someplace over $1.5 billion, Tesla had to commit to shopping for all the cells produced there.

The Fremont meeting plant is also among the maximum inefficient within the industry and has terrible satisfactory problems. So it’s unlikely any mounted participant will need to feature it to its portfolio, especially in an era while many corporations are remaining underutilized flowers.

Tesla has a few exciting intellectual properties around battery management and electricity electronics. It additionally has what can be a promising processor layout for its claimed self-using machine. However, that’s probably about the volume of the IP that other companies is probably interested by.

The different element of Tesla that has price is the logo which has evolved a hardcore fanbase during the last decade. An organization should generate large goodwill by way of preserving the emblem and its challenge to impress transportation. Tesla has performed extra than some other employer to demonstrate the attraction and viability of electric automobiles. Unfortunately, every day that is going with the aid of without addressing the nice and customer support troubles erodes that brand fee.

However, there is one vast deal-killer for Tesla, Musk. How an awful lot of the Tesla emblem fee is simply tied to an irrational faith in Musk himself? If Musk goes away, what happens to the cost of the brand.

But what if Musk doesn’t leave? Many, if now not maximum big acquisitions and mergers, in the long run, fail to deliver on their promise in component due to problems merging divergent company cultures. Many of Tesla’s operational troubles as an organization are the direct result of the Musk way of life of micromanagement and absence of organization and making plans. I can’t believe the CEO of any automaker large enough to remember an acquisition would even remember bringing Musk into their business enterprise. However, Musk owns approximately 22% of the shares inside the company and his board of administrators has time and again shown themselves to be his lap puppies. It seems unfathomable that Musk would voluntarily promote his stake within the enterprise and walk away.

Companies like Apple or Alphabet that have the economic assets to make a deal could be unlikely to count on Musk as part of any purchase. He could certainly be too disruptive to the existing organization, a lot as H. Ross Perot was to GM after they obtained EDS in the 1980s. Apple’s Tim Cook has shown a willingness to cast off executives like Scott Forstall that weren’t visible as group players. While Alphabet founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin had been early backers of Tesla, searching at wherein Elon is today might likely deliver them pause about any deal.

The most effective way forward seems like a fire sale in place of an outright acquisition. Musk personally has hundreds of millions of greenbacks in personal debt backed with the aid of his Tesla stocks. If the inventory price continues to say no, he may additionally ultimately face a margin name that causes him to lose up to half of-his stake.

That ought to cause a downward spiral for the stock. That ought to subsequently push the purchase fee down sufficient to persuade a person to propose. However, that would require assuming all that debt and buy responsibilities which any rational CEO would need to avoid.

The other more likely situation is that Tesla virtually runs out of coins and has to file for bankruptcy. In the resulting reorganization, current equity might be worn out, leaving Musk out in the bloodless. In this case, there is the possibility to cherry pick out the assets of price.

I’ve lengthy idea VW might be interested in the emblem and perhaps a number of the IP as another way to get over the dieselgate debacle. Before the contemporary exchange war, China’s Geely could have been some other appropriate candidate. Geely has been a top-notch steward of Volvo Cars. However, within the cutting-edge environment, letting any Chinese business enterprise buy the first-rate portions of a failed American automaker seems improbable. This could even be a problem for VW. The Detroit 3 seems not going to make investments what could likely be several billion greenbacks for portions of Tesla.

In this example, Apple, Alphabet and potentially even Amazon may be candidates. Amazon should push a mixing of Tesla assets with its stake in electric truck startup Rivian. It should even observe Tesla’s online income model and promote vehicles made below contract using someone like Magna through its website online. Amazon is likewise loaded extra capable at logistics than Tesla has been to this point. Apple or Alphabet would possibly leverage Teslas built underneath contract for future robotaxi offerings that make use of their respective automatic riding systems.

There are loads of methods this may, in the end, play out. However, none are in all likelihood to involve an instantaneous acquisition of the employer as long as Elon Musk is a part of the deal.

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