The pair, again and again, patched-up badly broken sports cars with stolen parts before selling them on for substantial costs.
Imran Raja, 38, and Arran Khan, 28, everyone had their vehicle buying and selling or car restore groups from which they operated the illegal sports.
Detective Constable Nick Tinley of the Serious Organised Crime Unit stated: “The defendants offered badly broken and written off vehicles, especially pinnacle of the variety BMW’s, repaired them, frequently with stolen elements, and then offered them on.
“Most of the vehicles that they repaired had been deemed by the coverage industry to be past repair. They need to have their bodyshell beaten and have to now not pass again on the road.”
The guys took gain of loopholes in the insurance and salvage enterprise process to place the vehicles again on the street.
The arrests had been made in 2015, and some of these loopholes have since been addressed.
DC Tinley stated: “By restoring broken vehicles using stolen elements, changing the mileage or via producing replicas of restrained variations the usage of stolen items, the defendants conspired to defraud the purchasers and make an extra profit from their operations.
“The defendants produced some replicas of the confined edition BMW 1M model. Only four 1Ms were stolen in the UK, and the defendants had been determined to have handled elements from 3 of them.”
Raja, of Langley Drive, Crawley, and Khan, of West Way, Crawley, were sentenced to 3 years and six months and three years and ten months in jail respectively for conspiracy to defraud at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday.
Both men had been additionally banned from being organization directors for seven years, as Judge Henson defined the pair as not worthy for the role.
Judge Christine Henson said: “I recall it to be an alarming thing that the defendants have been organized to carry out cosmetic repairs without any consideration of the protection of the victims or different avenue customers.


“If a structurally compromised vehicle had been involved in a collision the consequences might have been deadly.”
The loss to victims with regards to seven vehicles was expected to be between £ninety,000 and £one hundred,000.
Khan owned Ebay-based business Affordable Performance and Raja’s business enterprise, which had placed in Three Bridges and any other in Crawley, was referred to as Customize Bodyworkz.
Police are now investigating the commercial property of Khan and Raja with the intention to an also courtroom listening to at a later date. They are searching for a sequence of confiscation orders against them.
DC Tinley said: “Members of the general public in the market for a second-hand vehicle are advised to perform thorough assessments before creating a buy. This case has proven that there are cheating people accessible who’re capable of making wrecked cars appearance ‘showroom’ again while carrying out only exterior repairs.”

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