COCO by DHFL General Insurance unveiled its flagship consumer research initiative COCOBarometer, which goals at understanding client behaviour when it comes to purchasing car coverage among Indians. The have a look at changed into carried out to encourage conversations and boom recognition of the underlying factors and behavioral traits concerned at the same time as obtaining a vehicle coverage policy. The overall base of this survey is 1025 respondents throughout 3 key metro cities, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
Status of policy: 25% of the respondents declare that they forgot to resume their automobile insurance.
According to the COCOBarometer conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, approximately 74% of the respondents have an lively automobile coverage coverage. The remaining 26% with a lapsed coverage, claim that their coverage organisation failed to remind them approximately the policy renewal or they simply forgot to renew it on time. The take a look at famous that, 27% Bangaloreans do no longer blame the coverage organizations and take the onus on themselves to be aware of insurance renewals and lapses,. A putting assessment can be witnessed in Mumbai wherein 44% Mumbaikars blame the insurance issuer for not reminding them, accompanied by means of Delhi at 36%.
Cause of lapse: 19% respondents claim that paying first-class is less expensive than shopping for coverage four in every 10 of the respondents with lapsed coverage, had been stuck by using the traffic police. The percentage of respondents being caught by means of traffic police is most in Delhi (forty three%) and least in Mumbai (33%). Yet, 1 in every four respondents didn’t buy a policy even after being caught through the site visitors police. Consumers are ignorant of the reality that fines price an awful lot greater than an insurance coverage, and as an insurer trying to create focus approximately this, we’ve even created campaigns around this false impression.
Factors for getting coverage: ‘Law’ and ‘challenge for vehicle’ are similarly vital while obtaining coverage
COCOBarometer has also found out that there are positive elements that have an impact on buying or renewing a car insurance policy. The findings imply that each ‘law’ and ‘concern for automobile’ are similarly crucial even as acquiring coverage. This unique issue in addition varies in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.
Claims agreement: Only 6% claimed that coverage corporations do no longer pay claims as promised
4 in each 10 respondents claimed that there were times where they have no longer claimed insurance and the motives for now not claiming ranged from ‘worry of dropping No Claim Bonus (NCB)’ to ‘hassles of claims documentation’. However, from folks who claimed, only 6% noted that insurance agencies do no longer pay the claim as promised
Types of vehicle coverage bought: ‘Comprehensive with Zero-Depreciation’ is the maximum opted policy for vehicle insurance with 70% of the auto proprietors availing it
With recognize to vehicle coverage coverage, nearly 9 in every 10 car owners in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru are aware of the components which are blanketed underneath their coverage policy. According to the COCO Barometer, ‘Comprehensive with Zero-Depreciation’ is the maximum opted policy for automobile insurance with 7 in every 10 car owners availing it. Additionally, the COCOBarometer additionally discovered that ‘Third-Party Only’ was the least desired policy for car insurance.
Preferred modes of purchasing insurance: 6 in each 10 respondents decide upon buying or renewing their car insurance policy ‘on line without delay from the company website’
Car proprietors throughout Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru are willing to purchase insurance through online portals, provided they get higher prices or discounts and better clarity on coverage and functions of the policy. A mere 2% declare that they don’t accept as true with on line systems. Respondents choose the net direction as it’s far hassle-unfastened, entails much less paperwork, and they feel that the internet is filled with treasured data at the coverage industry.
Awareness of coverage add-ons: eight in each 10 of the insurance customers are privy to the add-ons
Zero Depreciation at 73%, Engine Protector at 54%, Personal Accident for Owner at fifty six% and No Claim Bonus (NCB) Secure at fifty two% seem to be the maximum famous add-ons amongst policy holders.


Commenting on the survey, Vijay Sinha, MD and CEO of COCO by DHFL General Insurance stated, “We commissioned this survey to bring on consumer behaviour and awareness ranges around automobile coverage amongst Indians. While this studies does factor towards the notice of vehicle coverage, it’s far the dearth of motion or the inertia that results in losing out on the advantages of the coverage. Most people live within the gift and don’t assume mishaps and tragedy. Buying an insurance policy is considered as an extra monetary drain, and those are inclined to risk the consequences of using without coverage to shop money within the near time period. As an insurer, we agree with we’ve an crucial role to play in developing recognition at the price of purchasing automobile coverage, in conjunction with demystifying insurance by using providing obvious merchandise.
COCOBarometer has highlighted the vital factors of consumer behavior whilst buying a automobile insurance policy. Our take a look at also affords a completely unique opportunity for brands to raise focus among their audience and reduce the pain points by means of in addition simplifying the insurance procedure.

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