The minute you release the deal with for your suitcase or bag, the minute an airline worker weighs it and takes it, you have no idea what might show up to it next.
You wish it has a comfortable journey.
You desire it does not get squashed.
Most of all, you hope its contents don’t get stolen employing a few light-fingered airline or airport employee.
I have no concept what one American Airlines passenger might have been thinking while he checked his bags for the latest flight from Pittsburgh to Fresno thru Dallas.
I have some idea about what they notion when they opened their bag.
There had been no subtractions. However, as View From The Wing’s Gary Leff reviews, there was an addition.
No, now not a pile of cash, a gun, or a marsupial.
Instead, here became a barely crumpled revealed flyer supporting the airlines’ mechanics.
Currently, they’re in a dispute with the airline.
They’re accusing American of the use of shoddy, cheaper facilities to restore planes.
One plane, say the mechanics, had 675 things wrong with it after a cheaper facility’s paintings.
The mechanics also fear that the airline wants to outsource maintenance paintings overseas.
One very dark idea is that American may also begin the usage of inferior elements.
Indeed, the flyer inside the consumer’s bags pointed the reader to the AAShouldCare internet site, where the mechanics element their issues with remarkable vigour and portentous tone.
Naturally, the airline says it’s investigating the flyer’s insertion, one who sought client sympathy.
Many will find the idea that a union member may have done this a hint distasteful, counterproductive, and even safety trouble.
And they had been proper.
Then again.
If there was ever an airline that viscerally enjoys creating wealth, it is American.
What if it took this concept and began to insert marketing into human beings’ baggage?
Perhaps it may grade the baggage in line with its provenance, its emblem, or even its cleanliness.
It could, like Facebook, sell get right of entry to the very innards of individual passengers’ lives and inspire brands to be creative.


Who would not want their advert to be located right next to a client’s cleanest undergarments?
Why, American may want to even approach cosmetics manufacturers and advise the discreet insertion of loose samples.
Perhaps Sports Illustrated could need to slide an unfastened replica into, say, checked golfing golf equipment.
Yes, passengers might be positioned out at the beginning.
But if there may be one aspect Americans love, it’s something for free.
And simply assume how a lot American Airlines could fee brands for the privilege.
Why it can even provide test-in staff and bags handlers a commission for each remaining sale.
Yes, I’m joking. I think.
But each airline I know is now deeply worried in employing generation to customise the journey revel in.
What could be more non-public than a cautiously chosen ad or gift to your best Louis Vuitton suitcase?.

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